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Terms and Conditions


As the name suggests our company is specialised in welding and repairing damaged plastic parts, products and equipment.


Business: Plastic Welding Solutions


Registration of Business Name - No.:604029


EORI No.: IE4550725 C


Tax/Registration Number:4550725 C


Our Service: Plastic welding


Note: The removal, reattachment and spraying of the moulding is done by the customer or their independent local mechanic or our garage partner.


Post Address: 40.Clairin,Ballyburke, Knocknacarra, Galway City, Co.Galway, H91N4VH, Republic of Ireland


Email: plasticwelding@gmx.ie


Our domains: www.plasticwelding.ie



Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday 09.30 - 17.00

Saturday              10.00 - 16.00

Sunday                 Closed!


- The guarantee scope is 1 year from the date of the invoice, receipt!

- Warranty work in case of small size of part:  Cost of work, material  is FREE!! There is a fee as a cost of call out!!

- Warranty work in case of vehicle size of part: Customer's area, garage, house, farm, workshop. Cost of work, material is FREE but there is a fee of call out.


Loss of  Warranty as Free work during warranty cover:

- If the payment of the completed work is delayed from the agreed time, or the check is not valid as payment for the completed work.

- Due to external influences, the repaired area by us that was done in the first place is damaged.

- Not competent person try to repair our work during warranty cover.


Payments or in case of non - payment:

In case of customer does not pay  or does not pay normally us agreed by us after the work we have done:

- Not pay in cash
- Not make bank transfer in time, delay with payment.
- Uncovered checque

Payment deadline:

Bank transfer: 5 working day/ without contract

Bank transfer: 14 working day / contract partners

Cash: Payabel immediately after the completion of the work

Check: Payable immediately after the work is done

Bank card: Payable after the work is done

in case, we will use the ATRADIUS COLLECTIONS COMPANY to collect our claims.

If you are aware of these terms and conditions and have the work done by us, you will be deemed to have read and understood the terms and conditions set out here. Completing the work here is equivalent to accepting our terms.



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