Why choose plastic welding?

- The benefits of using this method include a faster service without the hassle of searching for new or used mouldings, bumpers or parts which could take a significantly longer time and could cost much more.


- Therefore by choosing plastic welding not only do you save time but money as well.

- The price does not depend on the make, the value or the age of the car.


- Guarantee!

A diesel tank of Lamborghini tractor from Steve Molloy truck and plant repairs from Rosscahill, Co.Galway.

We were in Oranmore about two boats

All done, Co.Mayo, Westport

Laser level holder from Clifden

Roof box

Work on Sunday, a cracked plastic Vago in Co.Mayo.

Cracked diesel tank of New Holland Tractor from Ballinasloe

Safety Boat, Westport!

We were to the Westport

A diesel tank of Camion from Beirne Express Freight,Westport

Jobs from Limerick.Waste tanks.

A mini part for boat

Two of the same type of plastic boat with nearly the same damages from Oranmore

Material is Royalex! 


A small Saturday work from BISH - Rowing Club - Safety Catamaran

Before vs After

When we could help for a large company, as in this case it was WALSH Company - Complete Waste & Recycling

Diesel Tank of Mercedes - Benz

More job from Corrnamona!Kayak

Head Light of Opel Vectra - 2007

Diesel Tank Of New Holland Tractor 8340

Tank was made recycling material!


Welded protectors on fishing boat.This Fishing boat is during modernization.


2018 - Peugeot 3008 Bumper


Industrial Cleaning Machine


Roof Box for Car


Kayak with small crack from Ennis, Co.Clare


Mazad 5 Bumper from Kilkenny


Caravan and Camping Park, Ervallagh, Roundstone


Kia Sportage Dashboard

2009 Vauxhall/Opel Insignia - Broken headlight.The mounting point on the back of headlight have broken off.


Plastic Boat from Corrnamona



Radiator fan shroud of Mercedes SL300 / 1989


Safety catamaran from Galway, St. Josheps/ BISH/ Rowing Club


Radiator of Massey Ferguson 6290 Tractor


A small job from Merit Medical


Fimco Industries - Lawn - Gardren Products


BilBao Kayaks


Vauxhall Zafira Intercooler and Abs pump, Fuel regulator!



Water Radiator of Dumper 




Merceds-Benz Clk, demaged rear bumper



John Deere Tractor Hydraulic Oil Tank



Bosch auxilliary pump for Mercedes-Benz  E350d




Dumper hydraulic tank




Air compressor for Mercedes-Benz Estate AMG E350d /2017/  




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